Day 129

Brightwood (October 22, 2021)

After a while away, we returned to the streets of Brightwood. It is one of District’s most diverse neighborhoods, with immigrants making up over 50 percent of its population. It has the highest number of Salvadorans and Ethiopians of any neighborhood, and has large numbers of residents from the rest of Central America, the Caribbean and the Philippines. It’s a pretty neighborhood consisting mainly of brick single family homes.

There are also some streets of row houses

And some beautiful old apartment buildings.

Situated in the neighborhood is Fort Stevens, the only fort within the District to come under attack during the Civil War. During the battle that took place on July 11-12, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln came under direct fire from Confederate sharpshooters while he witnessed the battle from the parapet of the fort. The battle marks the only time in American history that a seated President has come under direct fire from an enemy combatant during a time of war.

We liked the straightforward honesty of this salon which made no extravagant claims about its offerings.

Finally, here’s the muscle car of the day.

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