Day 128

Georgia Avenue and 13th Street NW (October 2, 2021)

Every year, as part of its Open Streets program, the District government closes down three miles of Georgia Avenue to traffic. So on a beautiful Saturday we went for a stroll down one of DCs major thoroughfares.

It was a perfect day for a parasol.

Or a covered wagon

There were various activities happening along the way, including double dutch jump roping.

Martial arts

And salsa dancing

There was a sizable police presence. Some joined in the salsa dancing.

More traditionally, this one preferred to go the coffee and donuts route.

It wouldn’t be a DC festival without some GoGo music.

Having made our way down Georgia Avenue we decided to return via 13th Street NW which runs parallel. Small apartment buildings and row houses line the street. Many are being renovated and painted in the ever popular cream or white.

There are still many colorful exceptions. We liked this fire engine red home.

We passed by Theodore Roosevelt High School. The original high school was built in 1932. Back then the neighborhood was predominantly jewish and according to Lauren’s mom, who lived nearby, Roosevelt was affectionally known as Jewsevelt. Like every other school we have passed so far in the District, Roosevelt has been recently renovated.

Finally, here is the car of the day.

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