After watching the documentary ‘The World Before Your Feet’ about Matt Green, who is walking every street in New York City’s five boroughs, we decided to take on the far less daunting task of walking every street in Washington D.C.’s Ward 3, where we live.  The District of Columbia is divided into eight Wards.  Ward 3 comprises a large part of the northwest quadrant of the District and consists of about twenty neighborhoods.

Our first step, prior to setting out, was to contact Mary Cheh, our Ward 3 council member who kindly provided us with a large map containing every street in the Ward, so we could keep track of our progress. We then downloaded the Strava app which provides a handy map, the length, time, and average speed of each day’s walk. Then it was just a matter of putting on some good walking shoes and socks and a protective hat, and setting out.

However, much to our surprise, we had finished walking Ward 3 after sixty or so days and had so enjoyed it that we decided to continue our journey. Hence, we have started walking in the adjacent Wards. Who knows, eventually we may finish the complete District? In the meantime, we will keep making our way eastward.

Along the way we will continue to post photos and share our discoveries. In today’s world, when all knowledge is at our fingertips, we have enjoyed researching what we have seen. Thanks Wikipedia. We hope that you will join us as we continue to explore our home town.


Mal and Lauren

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