Day 130

Manor Park (November 18, 2021)

On an unseasonably warm day, with temperatures rising into the seventies, we started exploring Manor Park. The neighborhood consists mainly of rowhouses, detached and semi-detached homes. Many of the homes were built in the 1920s and a number appeared to have been recently renovated. As per usual, it was easy to spot the renovated homes because they were almost inevitably painted grey.

Of course, as with every rule, there is an exception.

Many of the streets were lined with gingko trees that have beautiful bright gold autumn foliage.

This classic VW fit nicely with the colors of the season. It didn’t look as if it would be going anywhere soon.

Speaking of colors, this house stood out from its neighbors for its daring paintwork.

Here are some other homes we enjoyed during the walk.

We passed by Paul Charter School. The school is named for Edward A. Paul, the first principal of Washington High School from 1877-1888. Tragically, he died in a traffic collision when his bicycle was run down from behind by a horse-drawn carriage. The school opened its doors as a public charter junior high school in 2000. It is the first and only D.C. public school to convert to a charter. Originally founded in 1930, it also happens be the school that Lauren’s mother, Deana, attended.

Old Paul
New Paul

Manor Park also is home to the District’s closest approximation to the Eiffel Tower.

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