Day 32 (2)

Massachusetts Avenue / Woodland-Normanstone Terrace (August 19, 2019)

We started the evening’s walk on the section of Massachusetts Avenue commonly known as Embassy Row, because of the large number of embassies lining both of its sides.

Finland is not only officially the happiest country on earth, it also has one of the coolest embassies in DC.

Finnish Embassy

Next up, we stopped by the New Zealand embassy where Lauren and our son Ben did an impromptu haka.

Haka at the New Zealand Embassy

The British Ambassador’s residence was designed by iconic British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1928. It is the only building he designed in America.

British Ambassador’s Residence

A statue of Sir Winston Churchill stands outside the residence.

Directly across from Sir Winston, stands a statue of Nelson Mandela, outside the South African embassy. We like the idea of these two great men of resistance, acknowledging each other. Churchill flashing a victory sign and Mandela holding up a closed fist of strength and defiance.

Down a little from the British Ambassador’s Residence stands the Brazilian Embassy with its entirely different architectural style.

Brazilian Embassy

Around the corner from the Brazilian Embassy is another beautiful modern building, housing the Italian Embassy

Italian Embassy

We weren’t surprised to find a stylish bike shed in front of the Danish Embassy

Danish Embassy

Next to the Danish Embassy is the Center for Hellenic Studies. The Center is a research institute for classics and is affiliated with Harvard University. It offers fellowships each year to Classics scholars and researchers and provides housing for a number of residential fellows.

Center for Hellenic Studies

We passed by this stately house with car to match.

And greatly admired this Spanish style residence

Walking along quiet Normanstone Terrace . . .

. . . we came across this leaf. Hanging from an invisible spider thread, it danced magically in mid air.

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