Day 32 (1)

Woodley Park (August 19, 2019)

The saying goes that only mad dogs and english men go out in the mid-day sun, so what’s our excuse? We headed back to Woodley Park with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. Needless, to say it wasn’t one of our longer walks.

We walked down some beautiful treelined streets of stately row houses.

A number had quirky artistic flourishes.

We noticed this Crosby Stills and Nash lyric etched into the concrete path outside what was indeed a very very fine house. Unfortunately, there weren’t two cats in the yard. We guess that would have been asking too much.

We walked by a row of apartment buildings that interestingly had white bricks along the street front and red bricks on the side.

We loved this sign. It’s so sad that this is where we have come to.

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