Day 33

Cathedral Heights (August 21, 2019)

Occasionally, Lauren will suggest a theme for the day to add a little more interest to our walk. A couple of weeks ago, we were looking for blue front doors. A couple of days ago, we were looking for quirky artistic flourishes. This evening we were looking for garden pots and urns. We have to admit that we have rarely noticed them but it turns out they were probably always there, hiding in plain view. When we took the trouble to look, it seemed that virtually every house had at least one, and more often two, pots or urns lining up along side front doors or pathways.

We also like this guy. Not a pot, but he did have a pot belly. And not just any pot belly but one painted with the United States Capitol.

We also took a shine to these his and hers motor scooters. They looked as though they had shared a few adventures together.

We passed by these apartment buildings and once again found ourselves thinking of Europe.

We have not seen many ivy clad houses during our walks. This is a rare and beautiful exception.

It also had a beautiful urn.

We also loved the entrance way to this row house.

As we finished our walk we were treated to a very beautiful sunset.

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