Day 125

Takoma / Brightwood (July 29, 2021)

We started out again in Takoma, where we continued to be charmed by the multi-colored cottages.

We also like this deco-style apartment building.

We walked by the Takoma Theatre which began life in 1923 as a 724 seat movie theatre. However, it closed its doors as a movie theatre in 1980 and the building is now the home of a healthcare center, where Children’s National Hospital offers pediatric neurology and behavioral health care. It is also the home of a cool cafe, called Lost Sock.

We like the sign post in this house’s front garden.

The Black-eyed Susan is neighboring Maryland’s state flower. They are at their peak at the moment and are a feature of many Takoma gardens.

Walking along Georgia Avenue, we passed by Battleground National Cemetery. On July 11 and 12 of 1864, the Confederate army attacked nearby Fort Stevens. The attack was repelled and the Confederates left behind 101 wounded soldiers and an unknown number of dead. Approximately, fifty Union soldiers were also killed during the attack and forty of those were laid to rest at what is now Battleground National Cemetery. President Abraham Lincoln, who attended the burial ceremony, dedicated the land as hallowed ground, making it one of America’s smallest national cemeteries.

Battleground National Cemetery

Walking west of Georgia Avenue, we entered the Brightwood neighborhood. It has a completely different feel to Takoma. Gone are the cottages, replaced by less colorful but more stately brick and stucco houses.

It is also the neighborhood where Lauren’s grandparents, Oscar and Lillian, lived from 1949 until the mid-1950s. Lauren’s parents, Gerry and Deana, lived there with them when they were first married. In fact, Lauren’s oldest sister, Marcy, was born while they were living at the house. We aren’t sure which is the exact house, but believe that it is one of these four.

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