Day 124

Takoma (July 22, 2021)

We were back exploring Takoma today. Walking around, we thought parts had a decidedly rural feel. There were once again a number of brightly painted homes.

Speaking of colorful, this deep blue muscle car was shining brilliantly on this sunny afternoon.

However, the neighborhood wasn’t all bright colors. As we have mentioned previously, most of the renovated homes we see are painted some variety of black, grey or cream. Here is another example.

Many of the houses had free flowing gardens and large back yards.

We like the impressive front entrance of this home.

And the elegant front porch of this brick home

This home had a distinctly top heavy look.

We also walked by the charming Takoma shops.

Sitting among the shops is the Takoma Station tavern, a popular venue for watching jazz, soul, gogo and other musicians since 1984.

Across the road from the tavern is the Takoma Wellness Center, which is actually one of the District’s licensed cannabis dispensaries. It appeared to be doing brisk business.

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