Day 122

Shepherd Park / Takoma (July 10, 2021)

We started out in Shepherd Park before crossing into neighboring Takoma. In an already liberal city, Takoma has a reputation as being particularly progressive earning it the nickname of ‘The Peoples’ Republic of Takoma’. It was originally developed in the late eighteen hundreds and contains many old homes in protected historic districts. However, the part we explored appeared to have been developed in the mid-twentieth century. Some streets were lined with initially identical houses that had evolved to have slightly different appearances.

But there was a wide variety of houses in the neighborhood. Here are some of the other types of single family homes that we passed.

There were also some interesting duplexes, including this one that offered an interesting contrast between the original and updated look of the same building.

There were also some impressively long and wide alleys stretching through the neighborhood.

Some residents had added artistic flourishes to their front yards.

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