Day 121

Petworth (June 26, 2021)

On a scorching hot day, we dragged our friends Sally and Liz on a walk through the Petworth neighborhood. It is a residential neighborhood consisting, primarily, of terraced houses.

We came across some peace signs along the way

And this cool mural on the side of one home.

There is a large hispanic population in the neighborhood and there are a number of colorful hispanic restaurants lining Georgia Avenue, the main thoroughfare running through the neighborhood.

Speaking of colorful, we liked this outfit

And this car

Petworth is named for the 205 acre country estate that was owned by John Tayloe III and sat where the neighborhood is now located. Tayloe probably had named his estate after the town of Petworth in West Sussex, England. As befitting a walk through a neighborhood called Petworth, Liz brought along her highly worthy pet, Mason. He was surprisingly enthusiastic, considering the fact that he was wearing a fur coat on the hottest day of the Summer so far.

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