Day 87

Kalorama Triangle / Adams Morgan (June 18, 2020)

Today we enjoyed walking the tree lined streets of Kalorama Triangle.

The Triangle does not have the beautiful embassies and mansions of Kalorama on the other side of Connecticut Avenue. However, it does have more than its fair share of beautiful apartment buildings.

It also has many beautiful and colorful row houses.

Many of the row houses have steps going up to their front doors and basement apartments underneath.

At one stage, we found ourselves crossing the Duke Ellington Bridge and enjoying the views over Rock Creek Park.

We passed by one of the smaller community gardens that we have seen, tucked into the corner of Kalorama Park.

Apparently it’s not just us people who are finding things somewhat overwhelming during these trying times. We came across some seriously depressed cars during the walk. These two appeared to be questioning their very existence.

While this one had a permanent cloud over its head.

Perhaps this little guy we found sitting on the sidewalk could cheer them up, although he looked more than a little grumpy himself.

This colorful mural cheered us up

As did dinner that we picked up from one of our favorite DC restaurants, the Afghan restaurant, Lapis.

We ended up the day’s walk at the hub of Adams Morgan on the corner of Columbia Road and 18th Street NW.

We will leave you with these wise words that we came upon in someone’s front garden. Please get out there and vote in November.

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