Day 86

Lanier Heights / Adams Morgan (June 15, 2020)

Lanier Heights is named after Elizabeth Lanier Dunn, who with her husband General William Dunn, began developing the neighborhood in the 1880s. William Dunn was a U.S. congressman from Indiana from 1859-63 and in 1875 he became the Judge Advocate General of the United States Army. During the 1960s and 1970s the neighborhood became the local hub of anti-establishment politics where the Black Panthers, anti-Vietnam organizers and other activist groups resided. The area has gentrified since that time. However, there were signs that the area’s anti-establishment politics weren’t altogether a thing of the past. Many of the residents in the area were showing their support of Black Lives Matter.

The neighborhood includes a number of stately apartment buildings, many of which had elaborate front entry doors.

This building was built around an urban beach.

Our favorite apartment complex was the Ontario, built at the start of the 1900s. A friend of ours used to live in the Ontario and would hold music recitals in his apartment. With its ornate fixtures and high ceilings, it was easy to imagine that you were enjoying a soiree in a Parisian apartment.

In fact, walking through the streets, it was just as easy to imagine yourself in a European city.

We came across a number of classic cars during our walk.

Including this yellow Rover.

Less classic but just as interesting was this vehicle.

The neighborhood included some vibrant splashes of color.

Including this rather colorful character.

And this flower garden

There were also attractive row houses.

And a Spanish style firehouse.

We found ourselves on 16th Street briefly. Just enough time to pass three more churches.

We have talked previously about how some churches are now being put to other uses. The Line DC is another example. It includes a hotel, restaurant and a number of bars, all located inside a 110 year old historic church.

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