Day 19

Forest Hills (July 24, 2019)

We came across another Travis Price home that we liked very much. The car wasn’t bad either.

In an earlier post, we discussed how, many of the old call boxes scattered throughout the District have been made into works of art. Here’s a beautiful example. Often, the name of the work and artist are on the back.

Just off the west side of Connecticut Avenue on Albemarle Street NW, there is the entrance to a pretty path through the woods and along the Soapstone Valley tributary of Rock Creek. We are truly lucky to have so many paths right in Ward 3 and throughout the District, where you can imagine that you are out deep in the woods and not in the middle of a large city.

This house, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Fallingwater, may be our favorite house so far. The architect of the house is, actually, another iconic American architect, Richard Neutra. Neutra is most famous for his Southern California houses and this is the only house he designed in the District. It is also, apparently, the last house he designed before his death in 1970.

The house was also surrounded by beautiful sculpture, including this piece nestled in behind a row of ferns against a stucco wall.

Lauren’s grandparents lived in this building on the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Albemarle Street NW. Theirs was the fourth floor corner apartment with the balcony in the photo below. She spent many happy hours there as a child.

We are not sure when this church was built but it definitely has a mid-century feel to it.

Capital Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church

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