Day 18

Forest Hills (July 23, 2019)

Today, we once again ventured into Forest Hills with its shady streets of diverse houses. On our walk we came across this suspicious character, casing out a possible house to burgle.

It’s amazing to us how wildlife has adapted to life in the District’s suburbs. In our neighborhood, which is reasonably densely populated and not too close to Rock Creek Park, we have seen raccoons, foxes, possums, squirrels, rabbits, coyotes and deer. On one occasion we even came across a large stag standing in a neighbor’s yard. It had massive antlers and we were certain it was a life size reindeer decoration put up for Christmas, until it turned and stared at us while we passed.

We continued to admire the mid-century modern homes in the area, including this one.

We were also taken by this rather whimsical home.

We were greatly admiring this modern residence with its copper cladding . . .

. . . when the owner / designer of the house, Travis Price, arrived home. He graciously discussed his process in designing the house.

Travis Price

To see photos of the inside of this home and other spectacular buildings designed by Travis, visit his website at

Travis also designed this more traditional house next door to his home.

We liked the clean lines of this home

And the quirkiness of this one

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