Day 144

The Wharf (November 4, 2022)

The Wharf is a massive development in Southwest Washington that after more than ten years of construction is now almost complete. When finished it will encompass 24 acres and contain over three million square feet of retail, residential, and entertainment space along one mile of the Washington Channel.

On a nice sunny day, we headed down there with our friend Charlet to get some fish and chips at celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay’s latest addition to his restaurant empire. His drawing power was clear from the long lines outside the newly opened restaurant. The fish and chips were sadly mediocre and seriously over-priced.

Much better to spend your money at other end of the Wharf, where the original fish market still survives.

Or to eat at Fabio Trabocchi’s Del Mar, a Spanish seafood restaurant which is always near the top of the District’s best of lists.

Or if you are not in the mood for seafood, there are plenty of other restaurants and bars to tempt you.

Or you may want to just go for a stroll, hang out and enjoy the views of the boats and the new buildings, or even go for a swing.

And if you find yourself down there in the evening you may want to go to a show at The Anthem, one of DC’s prime entertainment venues. Sadly, you are too late to catch the Trampled By Turtles show.

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