Day 138

Petworth / Brightwood Park (July 26, 2022)

On a rare DC summer day when it was actually bearable to be outdoors, we continued our exploration of Petworth and Brightwood Park. There were the usual assortment of row houses, including the now familiar grey ones that signify a recent renovation and the occasional individualist who splashes out with a vibrant color choice.

Some of the residents appeared to have an affinity for big (and not so big) cats.

This somewhat eccentric house with its bright green turret looked as if it would be at home in a children’s book.

There were a number of small, independent and quirky stores, bars and cafes along Upshur Street.

It’s sunflower season here in DC, which brightened up the streets as we passed.

This sunflower was absolutely massive, although you can’t tell from the photo. The flower head itself was over twelve inches across.

The classic car of the day is this two tone VW beetle.

An interesting way to store bikes, were these two locked and hanging half way up a stop sign.

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