Day 136

Petworth (June 18, 2022)

Petworth is a residential neighborhood with a mix of terraced houses, single family homes and small apartment blocks. It gets its name from the 205 acre Tayloe family estate that was located in the area. The estate was likely named after the town of Petworth in West Sussex, England.

We walked by Hampshire Gardens which has the distinction of being the first fully developed garden apartment complex in Washington. Occupying an entire block, it was built in 1929.

Today’s classic car was a Rolls Royce.

And the quirkiest was this bright red van.

We also like these two classics from different eras, the Cadillac which looked as if it had seen better days and the brand new Mercedes.

We have seen many renovated schools during our walks but this may be the first newly built school that we have come across. Named for the African American civil rights activist and politician, John Lewis, who died in 2020, it is also one of the most beautiful schools we have seen.

We noticed a number of homes in the neighborhood were being used as churches.

In the backyard of one of the homes was this rather interesting and somewhat scary sculpture.

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