Day 114

Shaw (November 19, 2020)

Walking again through the Shaw neighborhood, we were struck at the variety of row houses that we passed.

We’re starting to see Autumn decorations. Inevitably they must include a pumpkin or two.

There also some surviving halloween decorations. This was one of the more bizarre that we have come across.

We like the way that residents are taking over empty lots to create community gardens.

There are also some cool alleys in the neighborhood.

The District of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995 made charter schools part of the public-education system in the District. Today almost half of the District’s public school students attend a charter school. Among the most well known are the KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) schools. KIPP DC has 18 campuses throughout the city, including the KIPP DC Shaw Campus that we walked by on P Street. There are currently about 6,800 KIPP students from PreK to twelfth grade.

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