Day 103

Park View (October 13, 2020)

Today, we finished our exploration of Park View. The neighborhood is aptly named because it does, indeed, have a view over a park.

But it is not a public park.

Instead the 272 acres that border Park View are owned by the U.S. Government and are for the benefit of approximately 340 veterans that live in the Old Soldiers’ Home, a retirement facility on the grounds. The Home was founded in 1851, a few years after U.S. General Winfield Scott and his troops routed their Mexican counterparts in the Mexican-American War. The Mexican government paid Scott $150,000 not to sack Mexico City and the General asked that Congress put the money into a trust fund for old soldiers. Anyone over the age of 60 who has served for 20 years or more of active duty is eligible to live there, along with those with a service-related disability or combat-zone service that makes it unable for them to earn a livelihood. The veterans who live there get all of their meals and 24-hour medical care. The grounds include a golf course and two ponds stocked with fish. Other facilities include a bowling alley, art studios, a theater, a gym, and even a bar where residents drink for free.

In our last blog entry we noted that most of the renovated row houses that we come across are painted some combination of grey and off-white. Here are some examples from today’s walk.

We expect that this place will be grey and off-white when we next see it.

Our friends Carlos and Naera used to live in this building before they moved to Pittsburgh. They had an amazing roof deck where we spent an enjoyable July 4th one year watching fireworks exploding all around the city.

We have passed a number of beautiful fire houses during our walks but this is the first charming police station we have come across.

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