Day 99

Columbia Heights / Petworth (September 29, 2020)

We have previously mentioned how we frequently come across fill in housing, particularly in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. Some are more successful than others in fitting in with their neighbors.

It’s also not uncommon to see row houses that have been modernized, often with an additional floor added.

Seeing the poor quality of some of the new residences gives us an appreciation for the older buildings.

We passed the smallest church we have come across so far.

As well as one of the most progressive.

St. Stephens was the first Episcopal church in the District to: racially integrate (1957); ordain women to the priesthood (1975) and bless a same sex union (1976).

This colorful row of homes brightened an otherwise grey day.

As did this home, quirkily clad in crazy paving.

This District cab matched the home behind it perfectly.

Finally, we also passed by the most original front door we have seen so far.

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