Day 84

Mt. Pleasant (June 12, 2020)

We finished up our exploration of Mt. Pleasant on a perfect Summer day with virtually no humidity which is almost unheard of here in the District. This part of Mt. Pleasant appeared more urban than the parts that we have seen on previous days. There was a mix of apartment buildings, row houses and single family homes. Here are some examples showing the variety in the neighborhood.

Sometimes we will create stories about the houses we pass. This house made us think of a children’s book where a boy and his younger precocious sister would live with their somewhat eccentric parents. They book would follow the two children as they go on adventures in their urban neighborhood.

We often pass little lending libraries in the neighborhoods we travel. We liked this one that matched the maple that shaded it.

Many of the residents of the row houses take full advantage of the limited space available to grow plants, flowers and vegetables.

Every neighborhood needs its own small corner market.

We passed this memorial dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi. Completed in 1941, it is the work of the sculptor Attilio Piccirilli. We think that it may be the first memorial that we have seen during our walks that is dedicated to an inventor. Marconi is credited as the inventor of the radio. The memorial fit in particularly nicely with the deco style apartment building that stands behind it.

Here are today’s assortment of 16th Street religious buildings.

We often wonder how so many churches can financially survive in this increasingly secular world and in fact some don’t. Here is one that has been converted into an apartment complex.

The Mt. Pleasant public library may be closed at the moment due to the pandemic but its steps still offer a great place to read.

We think every stop sign should have its own collection of balloons.

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