Day 70

Georgetown (March 13, 2020)

After a long hiatus, we returned to the streets of DC. We spent the day finishing up our tour of Georgetown. We started down on K / Water Street which runs along next to the Potomac and directly below the Whitehurst freeway.

The Whitehurst (U.S. Route 29) opened in 1949 and ever since people have been trying to have it pulled down, arguing that it is an eyesore that separates Georgetown from the river. The highway is named for Herbert C. Whitehouse, a director of the DC highway department who died while the highway was being constructed.

Running parallel to the Whitehurst and the Potomac is the C&O Canal which ends in Georgetown. The canal is currently undertaking an extensive renovation, so it is not at its best.

We passed a number of murals during our walk.

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