Day 52

Chevy Chase (October 9, 2019)

Having completed all of the streets in Ward 3, we decided to expand our walking tour to include everything west of Rock Creek Park. This will include Barnaby Woods, Hawthorne and parts of Chevy Chase in Ward 4 and Georgetown in Ward 2. We started out by returning to Chevy Chase.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, many of the houses had already put up their decorations, including this house which included a whole graveyard in its front lawn

And this very scary guy hanging from a tree we passed.

Speaking of scary, we wondered how the residents of this house sleep at night with this tree dramatically leaning over them.

We liked this Spanish style villa, which seemed like it would have been more at home in Southern California than in Chevy Chase.

We came across two classic German cars.

And one classic American.

We also passed by a couple of schools. First up was Lafayette Elementary School, for pre-K to 5th grade students. Like the other public schools we have passed, Lafayette has been recently renovated.

Lafayette Elementary

Second up was St. John’s College High School, a private Catholic coeducational school, established in 1851. It has approximately 1,100 students and has been at its current campus since 1951.

Just down the road from St. Johns is the Episcopal Center for Children. The Center started out as an orphanage, then became a residential school for children with disabilities. Most recently, it was an integrated day treatment program for K-8 grade children facing severe emotional challenges who cannot attend public schools and need focused one-on-one help. Unfortunately, the Center announced in May of this year that it would no longer be able continue operations, after having made losses over the past several years. Currently, the Center’s Board is reviewing its mission.

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