Day 48

Kent / Palisades (September 27, 2019)

We spent much of today’s walk going up and down the hilly streets of Kent. This definitely has more of a suburban feel with well kept single family homes on quiet winding streets and cul de sacs.

At the edge of the neighborhood we passed by Sibley Hospital, the only acute care hospital in Ward 3.

We also spotted this revel moped. These electric mopeds are the latest addition to the growing list of available ride share options in the District.

Back down in the Palisades, we came across this house which reminded us of a house from the Australian Outback with its low, sloping roof and wide verandahs. We spoke to the owner of the house who provided us with some of its history. Apparently, it started out as a dance hall in the early 1900s when it was a stop for the trolley line that went out to Glen Echo Park, an amusement park in nearby Maryland. At that time, the building had no walls. In the 1920s, the structure was walled in and according to local lore became a “cathouse”, to use the common term at the time for a brothel.

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