Day 46

Palisades (September 23, 2019)

Once again we found ourselves going by the extensive German Embassy compound. This time we passed the Ambassador’s residence on Foxhall Road.

The residence, designed by German architect, O.M. Ungers, was built in 1994. The Washington Post has described it as “a Bauhaus-inspired take on classical Washington” which seems about right.

We passed by this Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle. The Urals go back to World War II. The Soviets, in preparation for possible conflict with the Nazis, designed the Ural as a motorcycle that would be suitable for the Red Army, modeling it after a BMW sidecar bike.

As we have mentioned in earlier posts, occasionally, we come across neighboring houses that appear to have started life looking the same but have evolved differently. Here is another example.

This old Pontiac seemed right at home in front of a mid-century modern house.

We liked this house with its charming picket fence and garden.

Walking along MacArthur Boulevard, we passed the Conduit Road Schoolhouse that dates back to 1874. The school closed in 1928 and the building became a public library until 1965 when a new library opened nearby. More recently it has been used as a Children’s Museum.

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