Day 43

Foxhall / Berkley / Palisades (September 10, 2019)

We completed our tour of our final Foxhall Crescent today. To be honest, we’re not too sad to be bidding it farewell. Everything about it from the single entry point to the community with its warning sign, to the crescent shaped streets, to the fortress looking houses seemed unwelcoming. It didn’t help that as we entered the development we were greeted by a dog barking, a siren blaring and a strange toxic smell in the air.

So we were happy to move on down to the Palisades where the houses on Bending Lane seemed to us to be almost the polar opposite to those in Foxhall Crescents. The houses were generally smaller with banks of windows opening onto a shared green space. The residents had placed garden chairs and tables dotted around and it was easy to imagine neighbors gathered on summer evenings on their communal back yard to share the local gossip.

There is a diversity in the houses in Palisades that appealed to us.

These sunflowers against a brick wall also cheered us up.

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