Day 41

Wesley Heights / Foxhall (September4, 2019)

On a humid evening we continued walking the hills of Wesley Heights and Foxhall. The days are definitely getting shorter, making it tough to get in a decent walk after dinner and hence the long shadows.

We did some exploring through the Foxhall Crescent neighborhoods. These are the closest we have come across to gated communities during our walks. They did not have gates and security at the entrance but they did have plenty of private road / no trespassing signs. We thought about skipping the neighborhoods but curiosity got the better of us. The neighborhoods did indeed live up to their name with many upmarket houses built around crescents.

We came across this charming Citroen 2CV. It brought back fond memories of driving a rented 2CV around Devon and Cornwall many years ago.

Outside the Crescents we passed this house whose updating we greatly admired.

As the evening fell, we saw some dramatic cloud formations.

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