Day 38

Wesley Heights (August 29, 2019)

On another stunning day, we started our exploration of Wesley Heights. We were back off the main streets and into one of the most beautiful neighborhoods that we have seen so far.

First, we walked by Horace Mann Elementary School. Mann is a highly ranked DC public school with just under 400 students. It is named for Horace Mann, an American educational reformer and politician who lived from 1796 to 1859. He was a primary force behind the United States adoption of a universal public education system. Like virtually every other DC public school we have passed, Mann has recently been modernized.

Old Mann
New Mann

We then walked into the quiet neighborhood streets where we passed some exquisite houses. We particularly loved this stone cottage.

But there were more than enough beautiful houses to go around.

We agreed that this was the modern house we have liked most of those we have seen on our walks.

One of the things that we have commented upon previously is how easy it is to get off the streets and into the woods. Wesley Heights was no exception.

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