Day 30

Woodland – Normanstone Terrace (August 14, 2019)

On our thirtieth day walking Ward 3, we headed into the beautiful valley nestled in between Massachusetts and Cleveland Avenues, known as Woodland – Normanstone Terrace. This neighborhood of stately houses counts numerous ambassadors among its residents.

The Australian ambassador has either, the most realistic looking artificial tennis court, or the best groomed grass court, that we have ever seen. Wish we could play a few sets, to see which it is. The ivy covered tennis pavilion adds a nice touch.

It’s always an extra treat when we can drop in on friends, whose houses we pass by during our walks. This time, our friend, Alyson, graciously let us in to her beautiful home for some lime aid and stimulating conversation.

We weren’t sure whether this modern building tucked into the neighborhood was a private residence, embassy or office building.

We loved this house, owned by the Lebanese Embassy. The blue tiles on the roof were particularly beautiful and unusual.

Down at the bottom of the valley and running alongside Woodland-Normanstone Terrace Park is Normanstone Drive. Once again, we easily imagined that we were on some country lane and not in the center of Washington DC.

Climbing up out of the valley, we passed by some houses that transported us directly to Europe.

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  1. Love that ya’ll tour the ciry! Washington could slow down and walk and think a little. Happy trails!


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