Day 24

Cleveland Park (July 30, 2019)

Back in Cleveland Park this evening. We were walking the east-west running streets, which made for lots of climbing hills. There were times when we wouldn’t have minded the help of this nice ride.

Down toward the bottom of Porter Street, just west of Connecticut Avenue, there is a row of small apartment buildings that we found appealing with their identical arched doorways.

We also liked this house, sitting, contentedly, between its larger neighbors.

We came across a lot of houses that sat high above the street, requiring a good workout just for the residents to get to their front door. Definitely a tough neighborhood in which to be a letter carrier.

Occasionally, during our walks, we are surprised by small cul-de-sacs, sitting, peacefully, off the larger streets with their heavier traffic.

We liked this tree, standing in the middle of the sidewalk, challenging us to pass if we can, like some giant knight of long ago.

We ventured briefly up onto Wisconsin Avenue where we stood for a while and watched a ballet class or rehearsal, taking place in the Washington Ballet studio above the Giant supermarket.

Dropping back into the neighborhood streets, we liked this house, it’s front door framed by an overhanging tree.

Often during our walks we have come across little lending libraries outside neighborhood houses. This was the first one with its own interior lighting.

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