Day 10

Chevy Chase (July 10, 2019)

We once again ventured into Chevy Chase, passing by this recently built residential building that looks as if it would be more at home in Miami than on upper Connecticut Avenue.

We made our way across to Broad Branch Road which constitutes the eastern border of upper Ward 3. Across from Lafayette Elementary School is The Broad Branch Market, the kind of general store that every neighborhood should have.

The Broad Branch Market
We loved this Spanish style house.

Chevy Chase Circle sits on the border between the District and Maryland. Two major roads, Connecticut Avenue and Western Avenue, cross it, along with a couple of smaller streets, so it is always busy. In the middle of the Circle is a fountain named for Francis Griffith Newlands, a congressman who was a leading figure in the development of upper northwest DC. We’ve always been too scared to brave the traffic flowing around the Circle to get a closer look, but it looks beautiful from a distance.

Francis Griffith Newlands Memorial Fountain

Sitting around the Circle are a number of beautiful churches, which give the area a distinctly English air.

The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church

Just down from the Circle on Connecticut Avenue is the Avalon Theatre. The theater was built in 1922 and is the city’s oldest continuously operating neighborhood theatre. After it was abruptly closed in 2001, a community grassroots effort formed to restore and reopen the theater. it now offers a diverse range of movies. We encourage you to support the theatre by donating to the non-profit that runs the theatre or attending movies there.

The Avalon Theatre

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